Best Gifts Under $25

The perfect present for everyone on your list, from just $6.

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Second Spin


New life for records in an increasingly turntable-less world. Choose small vinyl bookends for CDs, large for books or magazines.

Available at, from $24

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Back to the Future


Each tiny (just 2 inches tall!) remote-controlled Zibits robot has a unique name and backstory, and can whirl a quick 360 degrees.

Available at Toys "R" Us stores, $10

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Square Root


A less-aggravating spin on the retro cube, the Rubik's Slide has three levels of difficulty. A winning streak is within reach.

Available at, $18

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Arm Candy


No more slipping cash and a house key into a sneaker—this running key cuff is a step up.

Available at, $10

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Cell Mate


Tiny animal-print purses corral the essentials: phone, cash, and lipgloss. Comes in sets of three to give together or individually.

Available at, $20/3

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Cutting Edge


Of course, gingerbread men are cute. But Ninjabread Men? Cool.

Available at, $10

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Mother Earth


Green her thumb with hand cream, cuticle oil, and a nail file in a reusable watering can.

Available at, $22

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Photo Op


Thanks to Shutterfly's Simple Path program, you can turn Facebook photos into a keepsake book with just a few mouse clicks.

Available at, from $13

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To a Tee


Minnie Muse is a special collection designed by Forever 21 for Disney. The script is in Japanese, giving it an extra dose of fashion-forward chic.

Available at, $15

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Boxed In


Broken bits of colorful bangle bracelets fit together like a puzzle on this plush-lined box.

Available at World Market stores, $15

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Initial Reaction


Stick on a custom-made monogram decal and presto—instant smartphone upgrade.

Available at, $20

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Character Trait


Bold, graphic letters, ornate handles, and a price so low you can pretty much give out Alphabet Mugs freely.

Available at, $6

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Hat Trick


All tunes, no hanging wires—just tuck a nano into the i360 music-infused beanie.

Available at, $23

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Chapter and Verse


A natural spectrum page light helps avoid eyestrain and doubles as a bookmark.

Available at, $20

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Snap Judgment


Slide any picture into an Umbra Snap Frame and it looks like an old-school Polaroid. The bottom border is itching to be written on with a dry-erase marker.

Available at, $18/9

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Heaven Scent


The Gingerbread Girl and the Gingerbread Man bubble bath and shower gel live together in an adorable ready-to-gift house.

Available at, $20

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In the Pink


Candleholders belong in the can't-go-wrong category, and at this price a matched set is insanely affordable. In mulberry, the Herrang is good to glow.

Available at, $15

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Toy Story


The title—Papertoy Monsters: Make Your Very Own Amazing Papertoys! (Workman)—says it all. Let the fun commence.

Available at, $17

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Power Play


Display a photo and charge two devices out of sight. Smart! Charger frame comes in black, green, pink, and blue.

Available at, $20

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In the Spirit


Choose red or white, then personalize the label with a canine photo and caption. Doggone good.

Available at, from $17

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Sticking Point


The object of Jishaku is to figure out where to place your magnets without them sticking to others already in play.

Available at Barnes & Noble stores, $20

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Hang Time


Emeril Lagasse, Sarah Jessica Parker, and other celebs designed ornaments for Home Shopping Network, with all proceeds going to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Available at, from $20

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All Heart


A pretty pearl stretch bracelet makes a tween feel ladylike.

Available at, $24

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Road Warrior


Packing is a breeze with this kit by Modella, which includes a carry-on-worthy big bag, two zip-tops (one see-through), two refillable shampoo/conditioner bottles, and a loofah.

Available at, $20

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Bright Idea


For Lego-lovers of any age, a chunky battery-powered Brick Light designed for portability. It's also great propped on a nightstand or even mounted on a wall. Lighten up!

Available at, $13

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Caffeine Nation


What a find for dorm dwellers or commuters who clutch coffee like a lifeline—the Ready Set Joe Single Cup Coffee Brewer brews java directly into a travel mug. The slow-drip mechanism makes for one appealing cup!

Available at, $9

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Till the Cows Come Home


For the a-moos-ment (!) of anyone with a soft spot for udderly (!!) charming illustrations, we present Sandra Boynton's Amazing Cows. The wry humor of the bovine-inspired stories, poems, jokes, and more are guaranteed to delight readers of every age.

Available at, $11 hardcover, $8 paperback

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Did you know that nearly a billion people around the world lack access to clean water? Sad but true. Enter actor (and devoted dad) Matt Damon and Gary White, respected engineer and leader in this global crisis. Buying a reusable water bottle from their nonprofit,, is a fantastic way to make a difference this season because 100 percent of profits go directly to this watershed organization. Be part of the solution!

Originally published in the December 2010 issue of Family Circle magazine.

This piece was accurate at publication time, but all prices, offerings, and styles are subject to change.

Available at, BPA-free plastic, $19, stainless steel, $25