15 Holiday Gadgets and Games

These games, electronics and accessories are sure to leave a lasting impression on your lucky recipient.

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Ubooly Smart Toy


Slip in a smartphone for a warm and fuzzy educational toy.

Ubooly.com, $30

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Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword and Pickaxe


Prepare for battle.

Thinkgeek.com, $38/set

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Plug it into a television's HDMI port, tap the Cast icon and presto—videos beam from phone to TV for big-screen viewing.

Google.com/chromecast, $35

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Perfect for the tween with a toy in one hand and her new cellphone in the other, Andru is full of personality and happy to charge her device. His eyes turn white when the phone is ready.

Powerbygen.com, $25

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Sensu Brush


Writing with a stylus on a tablet is a deliciously old-school pen-and-paper-meets-modern experience. Flip this one around and pop off the cover to release a carefully crafted paintbrush that instantly converts tablet to canvas.

Sensubrush.com, $40

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iHip MLB Portable Dock Stereo System


Music to anyone's ears.

Burlington coat factory stores, $25

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Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe


Watch out, Decepticons!

Amazon.com, $37

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Funny or Die Game


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HMDX Jam Plus Wireless Speaker


A single jam-jar-shaped unit is great, but two combine for excellent quality stereo sound. Party time!

Hmdxaudio.com, $60

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A touch of summer to play with year-round.

Brookstone.com, $20/2.2 lbs

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Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling


Two thumbs up.

Amazon.com, $13

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Egghead Game


A rapid-fire mind bender, and that's no yolk.

Marblesthebrainstore.com, $20

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Animation Studio


Lights, camera, action—with a mobile phone.

Amazon.com, $20

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Lego Technic Monster Truck


Equipped with four-wheel suspension and all-wheel-drive steering.

Shop.lego.com, $50

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Rainbow Loom


Strike up the (rubber) bands.

Originally published in the December 2013 issue of Family Circle magazine.

Michaels.com for store locations, $17