Adorable Holiday Gifts for Pet Lovers

Jewelry, books and more featuring tons of animal cuteness make the perfect holiday gift for every pet lover.

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Wag by Dogeared Necklace


Keep your four-legged friend close to your heart., $48/silver, $58/gold

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Aquafarm Fish Garden


A self-cleaning aquarium that you can betta on.,$60

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Crinkle Cane Deer Dog Toy


Color red-nosed Rudolph green with envy., $16

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Star Wars Yoda Cat Teaser


A wise way for your feline to play.

Petco stores, $5

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Kittenhood: Life-Size Portraits of Kittens in Their First 12 Weeks


Purr-fectly adorable., $30

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Underwater Dogs: Kids Edition


The follow-up to last year's sensation—for kids!, $17

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Four-Pawed Pet Bowl


No more eating on the run., $22

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Porcelain Dog Plates


An all-bark, no-bite catchall for any pet lover., $38 each

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Paw Me a Cup Tea Set in Cat


Tip him over and paw tea out., $50

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Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book


The Internet star's catty debut.

Originally published in the December 2013 issue of Family Circle magazine., $13