10 Holiday Gifts for Your Pet

Here are our top gift picks for your four-legged friends. Bonus: They're all $25 or under.

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Paws Out


Hang a festive scratcher in your home so your kitty's claws stay trim through the holidays.

Imperial Cat Hanging Snowman Cat Scratcher, $8.95, wayfair.com

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Sweet 'n' Savory


Treat your canine to hours of nibbling on tasty 100% beef candy canes.

All Beef Candy Canes, $15 (6 per pack), dogtoysandtreats.com

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Shelling Out


Fish will swim with joy around a decorative barnacle.

Top Fin Shell with Barnacles Decoration, $4.99, petsmart.com and PetSmart stores

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Guiding Light


This LED light-up leash will keep you and your best friend visible during evening walks. Plus, $3 of each purchase benefits local nonprofit animal rescue and shelter organizations across the country.

LED-Illuminated Pup Crawl Lights-Up Leash, $25, thepupcrawl.com

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In the Hood


The beloved Snuggie is sure to keep your pup warm and comfortable.

Snuggie for Dogs, from $6, snuggiefordogs.com

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Make Some Noise


Spoil your dog for all eight nights of Hanukkah—these softies have a rattle inside, ideal for playtime.

Hanukkah Bone Toy, $8, thepet-boutique.com

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Kitty Countdown


Playful felines will get into the cheerful spirit with a calendar full of fun trinkets.

Christmas Advent Calendar for Cats, $20, petco.com

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Festive Friends


Your pooch will love sleeping next to—and chewing on—holiday-themed plush toys.

Hugglehounds Holiday Knotties, mini (9") $15, large (14") $24, dogtoys.com

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Good Eats


Not only will your purchase of a crunchy peanut butter snack satisfy Fido's cravings, it'll help feed and care for rescued animals with the Greater Good organization, which connects donors with various charities.

Twelve Dogs of Christmas Dog Treats, $17, theanimalrescuesite.com

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Tunnel Vision


There's plenty of room for your hamster to run around in this cozy fleece sleeper.

Originally published in the December 2011 issue of Family Circle magazine.

This piece was accurate at publication time, but all prices, offerings and styles are subject to change.

Ware Hang-N-Tunnel Crinkle, $8.50, wag.com