Last Minute Toys for the Tweens on Your List

Still looking for toys for the tweens and early teenagers in your life? We've got you covered.

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Beasts of Balance (Sensible Object)


Prepare for the ultimate balancing act. Beasts of Balance fuses augmented reality (AR) with a tabletop game. Players build a tower of beasts by scanning physical pieces into an app using the Plinth. Kids will create a world of new creatures, while they try to maintain a physical balance of the objects that are stacked. Players must evolve the world before the tower falls over., $99, ages 7+ 

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Watch Ya Mouth Throwdown (Buffalo Games)

Buffalo Games_WatchYaMouthThrowdown

Spit it out! Hilarity will ensue in this mouth guard party game where players wear cheek retractors and must compete in more than 100 unique. Roll the dice to determine your opponent, draw a challenge card, follow the instructions, and prepare for lots of laughs., $24.99, ages 8+

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Ideal Magic Science Spectacular (Alex Brands)

Alex Brands_Ideal4-WaySpelldown

Kids will be able to pull one over their family and friends as they perform more than 40 incredible science-based tricks. Tricks include the Swimming Squid, Hydrotastic Barrel, Refilling Cola, and more. The set also includes a silly, bonus cellphone trick that works on any smartphone model., $24, ages 7+

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Playmobil Ghostbusters Firehouse (Playmobil)


Recreate the hilarious scenes from last year’s blockbuster film with this set. This movie-inspired firehouse features a fire pole in the garage, a garage door that opens, silicone slime splatters that stick to smooth surfaces, a detachable proton pack and laser, a ghost trap, a PKE meter, and more., $69.99, ages 6+

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Hexbug Nitro Curcus Giganta Ramp (HEXBUG)


Life’s a circus of epic proportions. Kids can watch real-time augmented reality (AR) elements with this interactive play set and app. Pull the rip cord and send the extreme stuntman character down the incline. Move the adjustable launch ramp to alter fate at a moment’s notice. While using the app, kids can add hilarious special effects inspired by the Nitro Circus brand., $49.99, ages 8+  

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Word Slam (Thames & Kosmos)


Prepare to get tongue-tied in this word-based game. Two teams each have their own storytellers who try to get their team to guess the answer term first. The storytellers must think fast and quickly give clues using only word cards as clues., $29.95, ages 12+  

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No Thumbs Challenge (Mattel)


Thumb roll, please. No Thumbs Challenge is a game that calls for fast-moving teamwork, creative thinking, and maximum dexterity as team members try to execute simple tasks without using their thumb., $19.99, ages 13+

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Jojo Siwa CD + G Karaoke Machine (eKids)


Cue music. Kids can connect to a TV and embody YouTube sensation Jojo Siwa while sing along to their favorite Jojo lyrics using the included CD. Pop stars can also connect any Bluetooth device to stream audio wirelessly for hours of family fun., $69.99, ages 6+

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Splatoon Splattershot Blaster (Jakks Pacific)


Inspired by the Splatoon video games from Nintendo, kids can become inklings in real life. Each Splattershot Blaster comes with a pair of inkling goggles and enough water-based compound for up to 100 shots. Kids can use the goggles to dodge their opponent, and then blast up to 30 feet away., $29.99, ages 8+

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Makin Station By Compound Kings (WeCool)


It’s ooey, gooey fun! Make more than a pound of slime with just powder and water. Kids can use the measuring cup to mix up to 16 powder packets, add in their choice of glitter, and then store their slime in one of the 10 storage pods., $19.99, ages 6+