Splurge-Worthy Gifts

These luxury items have a higher price tag, but they're really worth the extra cash.

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Motion Granted


The newest way to amp up an Xbox is with Microsoft's Kinect. Hook it up and presto—a futuristic motion sensor tracks your body movements so you can play games without a controller. Plus you can use your voice or a wave of a hand to control movies and music.

Available at amazon.com, $230

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Global Warming


Once a woman has a snuggly faux fur, she'll wonder how she ever got by without one. (Seriously.) So chic folded over the arm of a sofa, so cozy to curl up under on a lazy paper-reading Sunday. Or leave it at the foot of the bed and pull up on sub-zero nights to feel all Doctor Zhivago-y.

Available at worldmarket.com, $60

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The easiest way to make your home Hogwarts-esque, just in time for the latest movie release? A TV remote control that looks just like Harry Potter's wand. Not interested in what's on channel 4? Simply flick the Kymera Magic Wand up or down to change channels. Ditto to control the sound. It works just like, well, magic.

Available at qvc.com, $70

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Star Quality


The 30th anniversary of the release of The Empire Strikes Back, arguably one of the most beloved within the Star Wars saga, prompted this stunning coffee table book guaranteed to be pored over by any fan. Anecdotes galore and tons of previously unreleased photos really beef up the backstory.

Available at shop.starwars.com, $85

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Radio Frequency


Retro good looks with modern technology—what's not to love about this sleek radio plus iPod and MP3 player? A shout-out to the good old days, only with a fab, personally selected playlist.

Available at westelm.com, $99

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Photo Opportunity


Give someone the one-of-a-kind gift of their favorite photos and memories, displayed in a luxe, oversize (12 inches square!) hardcover. Blurb.com's bookmaking tools make the process a breeze. Spring for Premium Paper in luster or matte finish.

Available at blurb.com, from $70 for up to 40 pages (smaller books available from $23)

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Perfect Pitch


Sakar International's iCarly Portable CD Karaoke System is a tween's dream machine—there's a 5-inch monitor to display lyrics, built-in swivel-head camera, and dual mic jacks. Cue the music!

Available at toysrus.com, $80

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Sounding Off


Any Star Wars-obsessed kid is guaranteed to while away countless hours listening to The Sounds of Star Wars stored within this book's attached module. Darth Vader's voice, Chewbacca's roar, and much more come through loud and clear. (Mom, no worries if you'd rather not listen—there's a built-in headphone jack. Whew.)

Available at chroniclebooks.com, $60

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Give a favorite headshot the Pop Art treatment—once you approve the overall design, it gets printed on heavy-duty canvas, treated to prevent fading, and wrapped on a gallery-type wood frame. There are tons of sizes and colorways to choose from.

Available at photopopart.com, from $186

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Box Score


Boombox, meet your 21st-century counterpart. The Memorex Party Cube, an iPhone and iPod speaker/charger, has a built-in radio and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts four to six hours.

Available at amazon.com, $100

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Walk This Way


For any diehard walker—you know, someone who's out there in rain, snow, freezing cold, whatever—consider a Timex Ironman Sleek 150-Lap Watch. TapScreen Technology activates the timers effortlessly for a must-have gizmo.

Available at timex.com, men's and women's models $90

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Read All About It!


Author Stieg Larsson is riding the wave as an It writer—and now just in time for the holidays, his publisher is offering hardcover, cloth-bound editions of his three best-selling novels in a sturdy slip case, with a special extra: On Stieg Larsson, a new volume of correspondence with the author and essays about his work.

Available at amazon.com, $99

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Letter Perfect


The awe-inspiring Alphabet Photography letter library is the brainchild of artist Jennifer Blakeley, who travels the world searching for found objects and images that look like letters. Go to the Web site and type in any word or name, then watch it pop up on screen. (So fun!) It will arrive beautifully framed and ready to hang.

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Available at alphabetphotography.com, from $120 for three-letter names (includes frame, mat, and photos)