Last Minute Gifts for Less Than $30

With the holidays approaching, there's no better time to check some things off your list. Whether stopping by for drinks and dinner, or visiting from out of town, there's no question you'll need to give at least one hostess gift in the coming season. Lucky for you, we've rounded up our top picks, all under $30.

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Cheese Knife Set 4pc - Copper - Project 62


For the foodie

What's better than a pretty set of knives? When they're paired with cheese, of course., $16.99

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Agate Bottle Opener


For the cocktail enthusiast

Start the party off right with this pretty and functional tool., $16

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Black and White Resin Coasters


For the cocktail enthusiast

These elegant coasters help set the mood., $15.96 for a set of four

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Big Initial Wine Bag

Big Initial Wine Bag.jpg

For the cocktail enthusiast

Get personal with a monogrammed wine bag that's also festive., from $9.99

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Stemless Champagne Glasses


For the cocktail enthusiast

One can never have too many of thes pretty glasses., $19.95 for a set of two

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Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit

Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit.jpg

For the cocktail enthusiast

Perfect for the ultimate hostess who's also on the go, this cute kit makes it easy to class things up., $24.95

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How To Drink French Fluently

how to drink french.jpg

For the cocktail enthusiast

Do we really need to say more here?, $18.99

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Hearth & Hand With Magnolia Plaid Kitchen Towel Set


For the foodie

These would look oh-so-pretty when tied around a loaf of fresh bread or bottle of bubbly., $9.99

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Mushroom & Sage Olive Oil

Mushroom & Sage Olive Oil.jpg

For the foodie

Hostesses can use this again and again, long after the party ends., $22

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Blood Orange Citrus Syrup


For the foodie

Artisinal blood orange citrus syrup made from the rinds of California oranges. Drizzle over cheeses, mix into pastries and ice cream, and more., $18 for 200ml bottle

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Denim Chef Style Apron

Denim Chef Style Apron.jpg

For the foodie

Make sure everyone stays looking smart with this stylish and practical apron., $19.99

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Black Marble And Wood Cheese Board And Knives, 4-Piece Set

Black Marble And Wood Cheese Board And Knives.jpg

For the foodie

This combination is a chic addition to any festive spread., $29.99

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Honeycomb Studio Bud Vases

Honeycomb Studio Bud Vases.jpg

For the homebody

These vases look pretty on their own or as a set. Add a sprig of mistletoe for real festive flair., $14 each

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Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Wood Nesting House

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Wood Nesting House.jpg

For the homebody

The house set is simple enough for the most minimalism-loving recipients., $16.99

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Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle

Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle.jpg

For the homebody

A best-seller all year round give this candle, which feels like a splurge no matter what the occasion., $30

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Apothecary Lemon Verbena Hand Wash

Apothecary Lemon Verbena Hand Wash.jpg

For the homebody

Help hosts clean up after long day's work with the soothing lemon scent., $9.99

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Two-Piece Wick Trimmer And Candle Snuffer Set

Two-Piece Wick Trimmer And Candle Snuffer Set.jpg

For the homebody

Lovely when given on its own or with candle, is perfect for seasons to come., $25.90

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12 Days Of Christmas Plates

12 Twelve Days Of Christmas Plates.jpg

For the young at heart

Sweet in their nostalgia, top one of these with desserts for the merry hostess., $29.99 for a set of four

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Honeycomb Studio Porcelain Turtle Doves

Honeycomb Studio Porcelain Turtle Doves.jpg

For the young at heart

Symbolizing friendship and love, one or two these pretty little doves send the perfect sentiment of thanks., $25 each

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Dark Chocolate Bourbon Bears

Dark Chocolate Bourbon Bears.jpg

For the young at heart

The perfect nightcap, these treats are festive and sweet, all in one., $28