How to Take Your Best Family Holiday Photos Yet

‘Tis the season for family photo taking, memory making, and sending well wishes to loved ones near and far. We chatted with seasoned photographers about what makes for a well-coordinated family keepsake. They shared tips and tricks for putting your best holiday photo foot forward.

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A Little Matching Goes a Long Way


"Dressing in monochromatic colors is an easy way to stay cohesive and still have variety. For fall, rich deeper tones of burgundy and hunter greens or light creams and grays play well with the bright yellow and orange fall leaves. As for winter, sticking to a solid color and more of a monochromatic look (i.e. various blues, as pictured) can be a nice contrast to the white snow."—Jennifer Debarros Photography

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Make Sure It Fits, and Stay True to You


"The fit of your clothing matters more than anything. For photos, dress children in clothing that fits them right now, not clothing they will grow into. A bit on the snug side is better for kids than clothes they are swimming in.”—Jami West Photography

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Think Outside the Box


"Pick a color that plays well with the season, and then use pops of complimentary colors. Mixing and matching hues can work if all colors are playing well with each other and within a similar palette."—Jennifer Debarros Photography

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Don't Be Too Coordinated


"Don't feel like you need to dress all of your children in the same type of outfit. For example, one of your sons could wear a bow tie, while the other one wears a winter scarf. One of your daughters could wear a winter sweater with a hairpiece, while the other one wears a skirt with a hat."—WojoImage Photography

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Use Layers, Textures, Patterns & Accessories


"Sticking with mostly neutral colors in your wardrobe means you can spice it up with patterned leggings, suspenders, bowties, tall boots, statement jewelry, scarves, textured sweaters, etc. Dimension adds interest, so be sure to layer if the season is appropriate."—Jami West Photography

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Think About What Fits Well Together


"As you're coordinating your holiday family outfits, it's best to avoid thinking about matching outfits and instead think about what fits well together. Your outfits will look the most cohesive on camera when the color palette and wardrobe pieces coordinate, but don't match."—WojoImage Photography

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Try to Dress Seasonally


"Use the holiday season to help you select colors and the types of outfits. If this is an outdoor session, you might want to dress for the weather and wear something that fits with the location and scenery of your session."—WojoImage Photography