The 'Billions' actress chatted with us about her best gift ever, what she really wants in a surprise, and her perfect day.

By Hattie Hayes

Nothing brightens winter blues like a festive stack of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. They are this writer's favorite candy to hoard, and just in time for the holiday season, Ferrero has brought global favorite Kinder Joy to the United States for the first time. It's a little different than what we've come to expect from Ferrero but no less delicious. The dessert comes in an egg-shaped package. Half the sealed "egg" holds two types of creamy pudding-like sweets—chocolate and sweet cream—that you eat with the included spoon. It also features chocolate-filled wafer bites. The other half of the egg holds a surprise toy that is separated from the creamy portion to prevent any mess.

'Billions' actress Malin Akerman grew up with Kinder Joy in Sweden, so it makes sense that she helped launch it in New York City recently. In between munching candies at the event, we asked the newly engaged mom a few questions about the holidays.

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Q: If you could get any surprise in a Kinder Joy, what would it be?

You mean an adult surprise? Ha! A gift certificate for a spa day. I wouldn’t mind that kind of surprise.

Q: What holiday traditions are you looking forward to celebrating?

I’m Swedish-born so we celebrate and open presents on Christmas Eve. We have someone dress up as Santa Claus whenever there’s kids around, and I love that. We wait at the door and watch a flashlight going around outside, then Santa comes in and gives the kids presents. I don’t know if that’s a Swedish tradition, a family tradition, or a little bit of both!

Q: What is the best holiday gift you ever received?

I’m going back to when I was a little girl and I wanted a bicycle SO bad, and I got one for Christmas. That was a big gift! That was a big moment!

Q: What items do you always have with you during holiday travel?

My mom got me these slippers that are from her island in Sweden, and they’re the warmest, coziest slippers in the world. They’re definitely my go-to travel item so I can be warm. And electronics come in because I travel everywhere with my son [Sebastian], who’s four and a half, so I’ll download Christmas films we can watch together when we travel.

Q: What does your perfect ordinary day look like?

My perfect day would be a school day for my son. We’d get the morning together, have breakfast, then drop him off at school and I get to sit down, quietly, read something with a coffee, maybe go have lunch with girlfriends, and then go pick up my son and spend the afternoon with him and make some dinner together.

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