Steal our April cover look.

By Suzonne Stirling

1. Hard-cook eggs, then dye as you wish. You can use an egg dyeing kit or make your own with food coloring and vinegar. (Click here for DIY dye instructions.) Let dry completely. Reserve remaining dye for last step.

2. Use a small spray bottle filled with brown or black India ink to create speckles.* We used Higgins Brown India Ink (, but you can find other versions at most art supply stores. Apply ink on one side of the egg and let dry completely. Then rotate and repeat spraying to achieve all-over speckling. Let dry completely.

3. Dip eggs in dye to wash off any excess ink and to give the speckles a matte finish. Let dry before handling.

* To create a fine mist for spraying, you may need to dilute the ink. Add water to spray bottle with ink one drop at a time, and keep testing until you reach your desired effect.