Spring Awakening: Decorating Ideas for the Season

Celebrate the season with these freshly hatched decorating ideas for the table and every room in the house.

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Sunny-Side Up


Turn the tables on traditional Easter pastels by choosing a vibrant palette for plates and decorative ribbon. A centerpiece of bowls filled with dyed eggs looks dramatic sitting atop white linen.

Here's how: Tie ribbons around napkins and place a 2-inch-wide ribbon across the center of the table to create a colorful runner.

Nebula white-wine glass, Libbey, 4 for $20, libbey.com. 9-inch salad plate, Love Plates, $22 each, casafinagifts.com. 12-inch Oslo charger, Now Designs, $17 each, nowdesigns.net. Icarus flatware, Oneida, 45-piece service for 8, $99, oneida.com.

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Hop to It


The kids can help dress up the party by making a multihued ribbon garland—just like an old-fashioned paper chain—to hang on the mantel. The bright colors pop against an arrangement of whimsical white ceramics.

Here's how: Cut 2-inch ribbons in a rainbow of shades into 9-inch strips. Loop alternating colors one through another and secure with double-side tape or fashion tape (hollywoodfashiontape.com), which is extra strong. Use tacks or removable adhesive to hang.

Ceramic rabbit, Smith & Hawken, $32, smithandhawken.com.

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Getting Fresh


Bring spring indoors by arranging bunches of bouquets in monochromatic clusters on a windowsill or table.

Here's how: Choose buds with bright contrasting colors, such as yellow daffodils, white narcissus, and pink tulips. Select short vases (ours are 4-inch Japanese teacups), and cut stems at an angle to the height of the vase. Remove most leaves from the stems. Fill containers halfway with water and arrange blooms in tight bunches.

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Oval Easy


Keep it simple. Dye eggs in vividly saturated tones and nestle your creations in white or contrasting bowls on the table.

Here's how: To color eggs, mix a pea-size amount of gel food coloring and a teaspoon of white vinegar in a cup of boiling water, using heat-proof bowls or jars deep enough to submerge an egg. Adjust the amount of food coloring and the time eggs soak. To create deeper shades, soak eggs for 10 minutes or until egg achieves desired color. Gel food coloring comes in a wide range of colors and is available at chefcentral.com.

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Window Dressing


Give your room a new outlook with a valance made from paper eggs embellished with dots, stripes, and fanciful shapes.

Here's how: Use an egg-shape template and white card stock to make eggs. Enlarge or reduce template as desired. Make designs on colored paper (we chose green, hot pink, yellow, and blue). For stripes and crescent shapes: Using one of your white card-stock eggs as a stencil, trace and cut out additional eggs from construction paper in desired colors. Cut colored eggs in half and in thirds, vertically and horizontally, or in crescent shapes, and affix with a glue stick to the white card stock; borrow our ideas or create your own patterns.

For dotted eggs: Use a stencil or bottle cap to make dots and craft scissors to make a scallop edge. Bird shape: Use template on page 206 (Family Circle, March 2008). To hang: Punch a hole at top of each egg and thread with random-length ribbons or white seam binding.

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Light Show


Group an assortment of glass votives wrapped with flowery vines on a table, mantel, or anywhere a soft glow is welcome.

Here's how: Use leaf- and flower-shape templates (see page 206, Family Circle, March 2008) and different colored card stocks to make leaves and flowers. Enlarge or reduce templates as desired. Fold leaves and flowers in half; arrange up and down the floral wire "stem," and use a paintbrush dipped in craft glue to adhere. Twist the finished flower vines around the votives, but keep paper embellishments away from flame.

Copyright © 2008. Used with permission from the March 2008 issue of Family Circle magazine.