Just follow our easy instructions.

By Craft styling Suzonne Stirling Photography Con Poulos

Because gold glitter and bunnies are what we all need after a long winter!

Glittered Eggs

  • Hard-boil eggs, dye to various pink tones and let dry fully.
  • Our eggs were dyed in a bath of hot water (8 ounces) mixed with 1 capful liquid Petal Pink Rit Dye, ¾ capful liquid Lemon Yellow Rit Dye and 1 capful white vinegar. The intensity of the pink depends on how long you leave eggs in dye bath. After removing them, immediately pat eggs dry with a paper towel.
  • Crumple a strip of aluminum foil to make a small ring that will hold an egg upright. Place egg, top down,  into foil ring.
  • Slightly dampen a sponge, dip it into Mod Podge or glue, then lightly apply it to bottom half of egg (the part that’s facing up). Sprinkle glitter over that area.
  • Set eggs aside to dry, then shake off excess glitter.

Note: Eggs are not food-safe if dyed as instructed.

To mimic this glamorous and shimmery look, choose a coarse glitter made of large flakes rather than super-fine sparkles.


  • Fill a long metal tray with packing peanuts and drape preserved or fresh moss over it.
  • Arrange flowers, candles and eggs (some glittered, others solid) on the bed of moss.

Bunny Place Cards

  • Download bunny template at familycircle.com/hoppyspring and cut out.
  • Place template face down on the back of patterned card stock and trace around it with a pencil.  Repeat as needed.
  • Cut out bunny silhouettes along traced lines.
  • Make tails using a pom-pom maker, following manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Trim excess yarn and glue pom-pom tails to bunny silhouette cards using quick-setting gel glue.

Shopping Info

Glittered Eggs: Rit Liquid Dye in Petal Pink and Lemon Yellow, hobbylobby.com, $4.50 each. Creatology Glitter in Gold, michaels.com, $5.50.

Centerpiece: Habit + Form Rectangle Tray in Gold, shopterrain.com, $14 to $48.

Place Cards: The following are all available at michaels.com. Craft Smith Blush Glam Paper Pad, $20. Clover Pom-Pom Maker, $7.50. Beacon 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue, $8.

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