Halloween Candy and Drink Pairings

Get in the spirit (pun intended!) with these killer combos. 

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Halloween Candy and Drink Pairings


You're never to old to enjoy Halloween candy. So as you gather loot with your kids tonight—or raid your own stash for trick-or-treaters, indulge with these wine and candy pairings from our friends at Minibar, the app that delivers spirits on demand right to your door. 

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Peanut M&M's + Chardonnay


The nutty crunch of Peanut M&M's complements and contrasts with a smooth, oaky chardonnay.

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Starburst + Rosé


Pink Starburst chews bring out the rich, red fruit flavors in a light rosé.

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Reese's Peanut Butter Cups + Apothic Red Blend


A red blend balances out the chocolate and peanut butter mix in Reese's.

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Skittles + Sauvignon Blanc


The sweetness of “the rainbow” brightens the subtle fruity notes in a dry wine like sauvignon blanc.

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Gummy Bears + Sparkling Rosé


Gummy and bubbly textures create a fun contrast.

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Twix + Grenache


The subtle cinnamon flavor of Grenache pairs perfectly with Twix’s cookie crunch.

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Snickers + Cabernet Sauvignon


A big, bold cab can be rounded out with a rich chocolate. Snickers is the best bar to go with your bottle.