Halloween is less about tricks and more about treats. Time to break out the pumpkin-carving knife and the haunted house Halloween decorations for a very spooky (and fun!) fall holiday.

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The One Reason I Still Let My Teens Trick-or-Treat

Adults eat (and enjoy) just as much chocolate and artificially-flavored gummy candy as any kid I know.
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5 Wines to Boost Your Halloween Vibes

We’ve all bought wine because of a cool label. Sometimes it’s a great wine, and we’re glad we can remember it next time we’re in the shop. But sometimes…it’s just a great label. These six Halloween-appropriate wines have the visuals and the taste.
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The Coolest Black & White Halloween Party Ever

There’s no gray area here: This is one crazy-cool Halloween party. The tricks are decorations and food that do double duty for adults or teens.
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Halloween Party Menus for Kids, Adults and the Entire Family

Planning a Halloween party is so NOT scary with these easy menus! We’ve got cute ideas for the kids, sophisticated treats for adults and a Mexican Day of the Dead feast for the entire family.