A Frightfully Sweet Celebration: Halloween Party Crafts and Treats

Chocolate apples, heaps of candy and smiling jack-o'-lanterns set the scene for a fun Halloween.

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Treats, No Tricks


Conjure a holiday spread with a line-up of patterned pumpkins and delicious eats.

• A Festive Banner
Fold bottom ends of printed bags to form a point and tape at back. Repeat with as many bags as needed. Arrange bags in a row facedown and tape together. Fold the flap at the top of each bag down and run a piece of string or baker's twine under the flaps. Tape flaps and attach banner to table edge with double-sided tape. Place pumpkins on cake stands trimmed with licorice circles.

• Embellished Platters
Adhere pieces of candy to serving dishes by using an icing pen full of stiff royal icing or glue dots.

• Sugary Surprise
For party favors, fill patterned craft bags with candy. Fold bottom corners in, taping to secure. Twist the top of each bag into a stem and cover with green washi tape. Twist extra tape into a tendril, wrapping it around your finger until it curls.

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Download an instruction booklet of templates and instructions here

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Candy Bar


Tempt revelers with a display of devilishly delectable confections.

• Posh Pumpkin
Paint pumpkin with acrylic paint, if desired, and let dry. Glue candy in patterns using Magna-Tac or Beacon's 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue.

• Gum Ball Garland
Poke holes in center of gum balls using a needle tool. Double a length of string or baker's twine and make a knot at one end. String gum balls onto twine using a long, heavy needle (such as a tapestry needle). When garland is desired length, knot the ends and hang.

• Dotted Delights
Turn one corner of a dot-printed bag down in a diagonal to meet the other side; roll bag around to form a cone and glue or tape to secure. For ribbon embellishment, fold a length of ribbon in half to form two tails; glue a piece of candy over the point where tails meet. When dry, glue to front of paper cone.

To assemble display, place a foam block inside a serving dish and stick thin wooden skewers into foam at even intervals. Slide a paper cone over each skewer and fill with caramel popcorn. Cover foam with candy corn.

• Wicked Wreath
Wrap a beveled Styrofoam form with strips of cheesecloth and secure with pins on reverse side. Starting with the flat side of the wreath, glue candies in a circle. Repeat with next row, working to the outside edge. Let dry completely, then glue candies in rows along the interior and exterior surfaces of wreath form. Hang with ribbon.

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Terribly Good Treats


Using our downloadable templates and instructions (below), decorate large candy-filled jars and decorative baking cups (on cake stand) with tags and toppers.

Click here to download templates

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Chocolates to Go


Download wrappers and print onto presentation paper; cut out as directed. Secure wrapper to the back of each chocolate bar with double-sided tape.

Click here to download templates

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Funny Faces


A trio of toothy pumpkins presides over a drink station stocked with pumpkin nog and orange sodas.

Jolly Jack-o'-Lanterns
Paint pumpkin, if desired, and let dry. Apply candy with Magna-Tac glue or Beacon's 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue. Use sewing pins to hold larger pieces like licorice rounds in place while drying. TIP: For a bold, bright white, use two or three coats of acrylic paint. Let dry thoroughly before decorating.

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Bewitching Bottles


Using our downloadable templates as a guide, cut facial features out of black Con-Tact paper or vinyl. Mix and match the pieces to create different jack-o'-lantern looks and apply to glass bottles.

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