Amazing Pumpkin Carvings by Ray Villafane

Check out some of renowned artist Ray Villafane’s amazing Halloween pumpkin carvings. This guy is next-level good.

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'Almost Sick' Pumpkin Carving


Is this pumpkin going to be sick? Ray Villafane's Halloween pumpkin carving almost makes us believe it.

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'Definitely Sick' Pumpkin Carving


This pumpkin looks like it had a few too many of our delicious (and easy!) Halloween party treats.

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'Gorilla' Pumpkin Carving


We wouldn't want to meet this angry-looking gorilla in the wild—or on someone's doorstep!

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'Stitched Up' Pumpkin Carving


Don't you just want to redo the stitches for this poor 'guy'? Ouch!

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'Cross-Eyed Green' Pumpkin Carving


We're not sure what this expression says, but that greenish hue can't be good.

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'Troll' Pumpkin Carving


That wink is giving us weird vibes. Ack!

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'Toothy Grin' Pumpkin Carving


Creepy! This one immediately made us think of Cheshire Cat's grin from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

See more of Ray Villafane's work at Villafane Studios.