Trick or Treat? Halloween Christmas trees are the latest decoration craze.

Call it a trend or nightmare before Christmas, but Halloween Christmas trees are a real trend. Just a simple search of #HalloweenTrees on Instagram will leave you in awe of this seasonal décor hybrid. Yes, tis the season for Halloween decorating with a twist and we’ve rounded up the best-looking boo-tiful designs.

This Halloween Christmas tree is skeleton-themed and makes it a black and white affair. While we want to dislike the entire trend, we have to admit this look is pretty clever.

This look is spookier than the skeletons and incorporates ghosts too. The orange Christmas tree adds a major pop of color. The funniest part? The use of a witch hat as a tree topper.

This look incorporates fall foliage and looks pretty spectacular. Who knew white, orange, and black on a Christmas tree could look so stylish? *Minds blown.

For those who are actually into this trend, but don’t have time for a DIY Halloween decorating project, Michael’s sells this Halloween tree lamp that’s currently out of stock online as we speak. Seriously. You can snag this fun fixture for $60.

Perhaps Halloween and Christmas were always meant to be, but we’re purest at heart. While the idea is pretty creative and unique, we’re in the school of thought that a combination of Halloween and Christmas is just a little too creepy. What do you think? Sound off on our Facebook page!