Mother’s Day is just a couple of days away. Did you wait to the very last minute? Oops. And  now you are scrambling for ideas for gifts that you can secure quickly without looking like you stopped to pick flowers from the neighbors yard on the way to brunch, right?

Maybe I can help.

Is your Mom awesome? And does she love to take photos never seems happy with the shots she gets? If you are loaded (or just feeling very guilty), stop at Target and pick up the lovely Nikon 1 J1 Compact System Camera Bundle (complete with free case and memory card) - $549.99 (that’s a $100 off sale price). It takes wonderful photos so she can stop feeling like the bad photos are her fault. She can swap out the lenses for a zoom or fixed length one -- maybe if she gets one of those next year? It’s pretty. And it will fit in her purse.

Did she stop checking her email because turning on the computer is just too much trouble? And, of course, you find this irritating because it means you have to talk on the phone to reach her. (I know. Me too.) What about getting her a Kindle Fire ($199)? She can read ebooks, watch videos, and check her email…It is essentially an Android tablet. How thrilled would that make her? She doesn't have to know you did it so she would check email. The easiest way to get one is to order it from But but there is no time for that now. You can pick one up at Best Buy on the way to brunch. Just check to make sure it’s in stock before you make the trip.

. This is so easy to do you won’t even have to get up from the couch. Just go and choose a title you know she will enjoy. (Make sure you have the Kindle version on screen.) Then click “Give as a Gift” at the checkout area. Amazon will handle the rest. And by the time you see her, she will already have the book in hand.

Moms always like bargains, right? So give her a shopping spree at She’ll get something she actually wants – or several things; the prices are great and shipping is free – and she won’t be able to tell you spent too much. (FYI: This is how I buy my teenager’s clothes. It lets me set a fixed dollar amount for them to spend, allows them to pick out their own clothes, and saves me from having to shop with them.)

Or there are always the neighbor's flowers.