Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Set an inviting table with natural materials and a little know-how.

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Thanksgiving Centerpieces


For more greenery, try a few snips of fern. Pressed leaves as place cards have retro-camp appeal, but the cobalt blue writing gives a modern feel.

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Purple Cabbage Centerpiece


Rearrange a grocery store bouquet with produce and it feels practically designer. Cabbage leaves elevate plain glass votives.

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Gourd Taper Candle Holders


An unexpected use for uncarvable gourds: taper holders

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Personalized Thanksgiving Place Cards


Think of these as a craft for the non-crafty. Cut circles from a material of your choice and write guests' names.

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String Blooms Together


Potted mums are predictable. Instead, string blooms together.

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Small Gourds in Hurricane Vases


Funky little gourds are hard to pass up, but then what to do with them? Stack in a glass hurricane.

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Tiered Tower of Flowers and Produce


It's the supermarket bouquet with fresh produce trick again, but this time on a tiered tower.

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Poppy Pods


The poppy pods have an exotic feel. If you can't find them at your florist, try a vase filled with dried beans and topped with artichokes, or a simple bowl of acorns.

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Mini Pumpkins


Talk about cheap and cheerful! Show off mini pumpkins on white dishes or pillar candleholders.

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Bouquets of Wheat


It really doesn't get more harvest than a bouquet of wheat. Simple, seasonal, stunning.