Throwback Family Circle Thanksgiving Covers

Thanksgiving has always been about the food. Looking back at past issues, we see it time and time again. Take a walk down memory lane with us and check out our last 10 Family Circle Thanksgiving covers.

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Thanksgiving 2008


We start with holiday cookies, plus tons of no-fuss recipes for your Thanksgiving feast.

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Thanksgiving 2009


FC Thanksgiving 2009 was all about the cookies, plus three ways to serve up your holiday bird—roasted, grilled or fried.

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Thanksgiving 2010


In 2010 we went wild with recipes and featured a whopping 27 pages of ideas for turkey, side dishes and more.

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Thanksgiving 2011, Early November

FamilyCircle Nov1st2011-NEWS1.jpg

We published two November issues in 2011. The first got back to basics with Thanksgiving 101, for a foolproof feast. 

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Thanksgiving 2011, Late November

000 FC112907 COV2.jpg

Sure, we picture lovely cookies here, but the turkey-day content focused on decorating ideas and Sandra Lee's simple Thanksgiving feast.

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Thanksgiving 2012

FamilyCircle Nov2012-NEWS3.jpg

Mini pumpkin cakes may be the cutest Thanksgiving cakes ever.

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Thanksgiving 2013

FamilyCircle Nov2013-NEWS3.jpg

Dessert, anyone?

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Thanksgiving 2014

FamilyCircle-Nov14 NEWS3.jpg

Cute cupcakes, snacks and more desserts to start the holiday season.

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Thanksgiving 2015

FamilyCircle-Nov15 NEWS2.jpg

Turkeys and cupcakes and cookies—oh my!

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Thanksgiving 2016

FamilyCircle November2016-NEWS.jpg

Sure, the turkey was the main event, but we also featured 50(!) recipes for side dishes.