Teens still want to impress their boyfriends, girlfriends, or crushes on this day of love, and these stories prove it!

By Katie Bingham-Smith
Photo by Getty Images

When I was in high school, my younger sister met the sweetest boy who was visiting Maine from Costa Rica. The two of them developed a mad crush on each other and when he had to return home, they were both heartbroken.

That year my mother made a special Valentine's Day dinner for her four girls as she always did and just as she had lit the candles and started serving the steak, the land line rang, and it was for my younger sister. It was her crush, calling from Costa Rica to wish her a "Happy Day of Love." From that moment on, Valentine's Day has always been The Day of Love to me.

Many of us think back to when we were young and would sit at our desk in our room or at the kitchen table filling out Valentine's Day cards for our classmates. There was always something in the air, even when you were young, that told you this was the day to make your move, to show someone how you felt about them, and take the chance of possibly looking a bit silly.

Well, today the Valentine's Day Game is the same. Teens still want to impress their boyfriends, girlfriends, or crushes on this day of love. We rounded up some of the sweetest and funniest stories from teens:

Life is like a box of chocolates

"Last year I completely forgot it was Valentine's Day so I sent my mom a text and asked her to bring in a box of chocolates for my girlfriend at school. She didn't have time to get to the store but brought in the gold, heart shaped box my dad has gotten her over the weekend. When my girlfriend Riley opened it, they were half eaten."

—Brad, 14

Should’ve listened to mom

"I had worked for my dad over the summer earning quite a bit of money and spent almost all of it on a necklace for my girlfriend—she loved Valentine's Day. My mom told me I wasn't allowed to spend that much money, but I did it anyway. She broke up with me two days later."

—Hunter, 18

A painfully awkward encounter

"I had a crush on this boy when I was 16 and my friends encouraged me to tell him. Instead, I took a handful of those candy hearts with the messages written on them and handed them to him. I froze and didn’t know what to say. He just looked at me, and I walked off. It was the most awkward moment of my life and I never talked to him after that."

—Katie, 16

Lesson learned: Never write it down

"I had a mad crush on a boy a few years ago and decided I'd write him a "like" letter telling him how I felt. It was a disaster-- he showed it to everyone, including his girlfriend I didn't know he had."

—Amelia, 17

Unrequited love?

"I tried to do the whole John Cusack from Say Anything stunt (see the clip below) under my ex-girlfriend’s window on Valentine's Day. It was my mom's idea, she thought she'd love it. I wanted to make things right with her again after I broke up with her so I downloaded her favorite song on my phone. As I was standing outside with the volume all the way up, her mom opened the front door to let me know she was on a date at the local Chinese place with one of my friends. I thought about going to pay them a visit but figured that would make me look crazy. It was humiliating."

—Isaac, 17


"Last year I had a crush on the cutest girl in class and gave her a card with my school picture in it. She looked at me and said,' Ewww, why did you give me this?' then threw it back at me. I'll never do anything like that again."

—Blake, 13

It’s the thought that counts?

"In 10th grade, we had a Valentine's Day dance the Friday after Valentine's Day. I had my boyfriend and a few friends over before the dance and I made dinner. The food was good, but I had also made a cake two days before and forgot to cover it with saran wrap. Everyone was trying to choke down their piece of horrible, dry cake. It was awful but we laughed about it all night."

—Ella, 16

It's funny, and awfully sweet, how one day of the year can make us go out on a limb and believe in our chances of love a little more than we did the day before.

I know as a teenager, I did my fair share of silly things for all the boys I liked. There were definitely some mix-tapes and slipping love notes into lockers and running away. How about you? What is the craziest things you ever did for a crush or loved one on the Day of Love?