Romantic Food and Wine Gifts

Sweeten up your honey's Valentine's Day with heart-shaped brownies, gourmet chocolates, fancy liquor, and other scrumptious treats.

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Cup Runneth Over


When we happen to get a batch of Crumbs cupcakes in the office, one word sums up everyone's collective reaction: SWARM. These treats are as pretty as they are delectable.

Available at, $27 for 6

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Candy Shop


"He loves me." "He loves me not." The answer might not be what you'd like, but chocolate bonbons make anything better.

Available at, $16

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Wine and Dine


Treat a special someone to a gourmet wine tasting delivered straight to their love nest.

Available at, starting at $50

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A Sprinkle of This


A box of doughnuts is the perfect way to say, "I heart you!" (Hopefully the recipient wants to share!)

Available at Krispy Kreme locations nationwide (from January 30 through February 14), $1 each

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Big Love


No words of wisdom courtesy of Confucius inside—this giant fortune cookie is completely personalized and even comes with a gigantic take-out box.

Available at, $35

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Ooh La La!


A trip to Paris? Highly unlikely. However, a four-course French meal (including bread, soup, entree, and dessert) is divinely doable. All you have to do is heat and serve. C'est magnifique!

Available at, $80

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Apple of Your Eye


The perfect upgrade from cloying hard-red-candy-coated apples—these apples are cloaked in soft caramel and sprinkles.

Available at, $40 for 3

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Sweet and Sour


Tart cherry flavors packaged as delectable, heart-shaped chews? Candy perfection for February 14 or any day.

Available at Walmart stores, $2

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The Fruit of Love


Figs have a well-earned rep for being an aphrodisiac. These chocolate-dipped delights, stuffed with brandy-laced ganache, are over-the-top romantic.

Available at, $15.99 for 9

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Chocolate Twist


A bottle of chocolate-infused vodka more or less guarantees an evening of high spirits.

Available nationwide wherever fine liquors are sold, $30

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Remember the chalky, bland conversation hearts of your childhood? These chocolate-covered cookies say just as much but are so much tastier.

Available at, $8 for 4

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Let Them Eat Cake


Or not. These clever treats are candies disguised as our favorite baked good. Sweet!

Available at, $7