Cook up something special tonight! From sweet Valentine's Day desserts to decadent chocolate treats to romantic recipes for two, we've got ideas guaranteed to wow your sweetie on February 14.

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Sweet Valentine's Day Desserts

We rounded up our favorite red, white, pink, and heart-shaped treats. Make one for that special someone tonight; there's no better way to say "I love you!"
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Elegant Chocolate Recipes

Tame your sweet tooth with these decadent chocolate confections.
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A Romantic Dinner for Two

Cook up something special tonight! We came up with an elegant menu that's easy to whip up but guaranteed to wow your sweetie.
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Valentine's Day Recipes

Six sweet homemade treats for your Valentine's Day celebration.
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Kitchen Basics: How to Make Truffles

A scrumptious way to show somebody the love on Valentine's Day...or any day!
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Heavenly Chocolate Recipes

From devilish to divine, here are the most irresistible versions of our best-loved sweet treats.
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