3 Wallet and Time-Friendly Home Renovation Tricks

Jonathan Scott, star of HGTV's Property Brothers, shares his tips for sprucing up your place—no hammer necessary!

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For the Kitchen


Old cabinet doors have a tendency to sag and stick. If replacing your cupboards isn't in the budget right now, Scott suggests removing your current cabinets' doors for an instant kitchen update. The open shelving look is really popular right now, and it's the best motivation for keeping your plates, glasses and serving pieces well organized, since they're on display at all times. All you need for this project is the proper drill bit or screwdriver for your cabinet hinge!

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For the Bath


Got years' worth of soap scum buildup on your shower door or stubborn hard water rings on your tub? You may think the only choice is to replace your tub and shower surround—and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in the process. But Scott's a big fan of doing a deep clean first and then calling in a refinishing professional to get rid of those signs of wear and tear. If you're comfortable going the DIY route and your fixtures are the typical white (or bisque or almond) porcelain finish, try a kit from Rustoleum. 

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For the House


If you've charted your kids' height on the wall or in a doorway over the years, you probably have a bunch of old pencil or crayon stains. Instead of reaching for the paint can to make them disappear, try Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser Extra Power, which wipes away scuffs, dirt and even crayon marks when moistened. Scott also suggests using a piece of paper to chart kids' growth instead. That way, if you move, you can take part or all of the chart with you and have it framed to hang as art in your new place. And you won't lose those memories.