Vanquish the Germiest Spots in Your Home

Our cleaning pro’s 5-step kick-butt battle plan.

Germs don’t stand a chance with these winning strategies from Kelly Jones, owner of Delaware-based The Cleaning Girl, Inc.

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Bathroom Sinks

These fixtures should be number one on your hit list—they’re often dirtier than the toilet seat. A steady stream of hand washing and tooth brushing leaves drains super grimy, and faucets are constantly touched. Jones suggests disinfecting the entire bowl daily. Spray on an anti-bacterial formula and let it sit for about five minutes before wiping. Microfiber cloths soaked in hot vinegar work wonders on handles and spouts.

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Kitchen Countertops

After meal prep, counters need a good scrub. Choose a cleanser formulated for your countertop material. Pay special attention to corners and crevices around appliances, where gunk can build up.

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Knobs and Pulls

Any germs on your hands eventually end up on doorknobs and handles, so add these areas to your weekly routine. While disinfecting wipes should do the trick, fine metals like brass and silver require specialty products.

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Switch Plates

Tackle these dirt collectors once a week. All you need is hot water, dish soap and a microfiber cloth.

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Digital Devices

Keyboards are crumb and dust magnets. Instead of a liquid formula, try canned air. Or unplug the unit, then run a lightly dampened lint-free microfiber cloth over keys and into grooves to remove buildup.

Cellphones, which tend to be kept in dark pockets and purses, quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria. Touchscreen wipes remove grease and residue. Die-hard germophobes might consider PhoneSoap 2.0 ($60)—UV light sanitizes the phone while charging it.

Never use anything dripping wet on electronics. Rags should be barely damp.