DIY: How to Make a Map Poster

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create an authentically vintage-looking map.

Framed antique maps make a statement in a room and are a great conversation piece, whether or not you're a globetrotter. But old ones can cost hundreds, even at flea markets. So I hunted down a reproduction online, backed it with muslin, then gave it an aged finish by brushing on coffee. Hung on wood strips, my version looks authentically vintage at a fraction of the price.


  • Vintage reproduction map
  • Lightweight, natural-fiber fabric
    such as cotton muslin
  • Yes! brand paste
  • Wipe-on wood stain
  • 4 pieces of 3/4-inch raw pine
    trim with flat back, cut 3/4 inches
    wider than map
  • Full-strength coffee or tea, cooled
  • Sponge, stencil brush, or rag to
    apply coffee or tea
  • Quick-setting gel adhesive
  • Heavy-duty string or leather

DirectionsStep 1. Cut fabric to size of map, adding 5" on all sides. Brush a thin layer of Yes! brand paste onto the reverse side of the map. Place fabric over paste, smoothing out any wrinkles with your hands. While map is drying, wipe wood stain onto wood trim. Let dry. After map is fully dry, trim excess fabric.

Step 2. Brush on coffee or tea sparingly to the front of the map. If you desire a deeper shade, especially on edges and white areas, add another coat. Let dry thoroughly after each application.

Step 3. Apply gel adhesive to two strips of trim, laying one under the bottom edge of the map and the other on top with the map sandwiched in between. Press together and make sure that the ends are aligned. Using a staple gun, attach string for hanging to the third piece of wood, apply gel adhesive and position the wood underneath the top edge of the map. Finish process with last wood piece, aligning edges. Let dry thoroughly before hanging.

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Originally published in the April 2013 issue of Family Circle magazine.