3 Terrifying Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Halloween

Use our Halloween cheat sheet for last-minute ideas to trick out your house.

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3 Terrifying Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Halloween


Handy, Halloween Express and The Novogratz have teamed up to provide us with some spine-chilling suggestions just easy enough to pull off in time for Halloween. Post your masterpieces on social media with the hashtag #handyhalloween.

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Floating Witch Hats in Your Foyer

Foyer Witches Hats.jpg

Who says witch hats are just a costume accessory?  Spook your trick-or-treaters (and your family) by hanging a few in your entryway. Hint: Use clear fishing line to really make it look like your house is haunted!

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Spiders in Ice Cubes

Spider Ice Cubes.jpg

Place a plastic spider in each chamber of your ice cube tray before filling. Freeze, then surprise your guests with some creepy cocktails. Or serve to your kids in a clear glass of water to hydrate after a long day of trick-or-treating. Add a drop of orange food coloring if you’re feeling extra festive.

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Skeletons Scaling Your Windows


Skip the orange lights and hang life-size skeletons with rope near windows and doors to create a scream-worthy break-in scene. Pick up a can of gold spray paint to make these bony intruders a little more glamorous.