3 Bonus Office Tips from Blogger Caroline Harper-Knapp

You saw her enviable digs in the September issue. Now check out the small but mighty workspace from a few more angles and click through for a virtual tour.

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Office Space


Caroline kicks back on her Pier 1 loveseat. Over her shoulder, you can see the Threshold bar cart she uses for meetings and entertaining friends. "It's like a mobile kitchen," says Caroline. There's also plenty of storage for fashion and coffee table books underneath. The office sign was a vintage find.

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Clear View


By adding in the French doors, Caroline was able to turn this dining room into a dedicated home office that feels like a separate space. They provide privacy and a little bit of a sound barrier from the rest of her home, but she can still see her boys peeking through the panes of glass as she works on her House of Harper blog.

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Be Seated


A pair of chairs is a great counterpoint to a sofa, in an office for work meetings or otherwise. Caroline's orange armchairs were inherited from her grandparents. She didn't even have to recover them. To see this space in 360 degrees and get all of Caroline's favorite sources, click here.