6 Winter Home Decorations

Pretty decorations inspired by winter.

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Pressed Leaves


For a graceful focal point on the mantel, embellish a canvas with leaves in graphic arrangements.

Here's how: To press leaves, dry them for several days sandwiched between newsprint inside a heavy book. Stretch linen over a canvas and staple onto the frame. Pin pressed leaves onto the canvas in geometric patterns.

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Dining Table


A couple of simple seasonal touches can transform a dining table.

Here's how: Tie mini crab apples with waxed string to a hanging light fixture or chandelier. Arrange a variety of seasonal fruit or dried gourds in large glass vases and hurricanes.

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Branch out from traditional greens with a wreath of lemon leaves and fruit.

Here's how: Poke a bamboo skewer through pears and oranges and attach it to the bottom of the wreath with floral wire. Hot-glue nuts to the leaves. Tie a ribbon to the top and hang.

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Vase of Branches


Nothing fussy—think branches in a tall glass vase and a few ornaments crafted from nuts.

Here's how: Cut a 10-inch length of ribbon, fold it in half and attach the midpoint to a walnut using a hot-glue gun. Knot the two free ends and hang.

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Celebrate the harvest with a cluster of candlesticks made from gourds and mini pumpkins.

Here's how: Using a utility knife or a power drill with a spade bit, create a hole the width of the taper and approximately 1 inch deep in the top center of each squash.

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Homemade Vegetable Vase


Let nature provide the vase—carve out a butternut squash or gourd.

Here's how: Cut the top off a squash with a knife. Use a large spoon to scoop out pulp and a melon baller for any hard flesh. Place a plastic cup inside the gourd, then add water and a small bouquet.

Originally published in the November 2012 issue of Family Circle magazine.