Best New Kitchen Appliances

Study up on this year's newest appliances and accessories that earn high marks for clever technology and cool design.

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Smart Cooktop


What's so hot about induction? An electromagnetic field transfers heat directly to cast iron or stainless steel pots and pans, meaning food cooks faster and burners stay cool to the touch. Easy to wipe clean, too.

NUTID induction cooktop,, $999

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Genius Cooktop


The ticket for anyone who wants the bells and whistles of a pro-grade stovetop: five super-powerful burners, porcelain-on-cast-iron grates, and a built-in ventilation system that stops steam and odors before they fill the house.

Gas downdraft cooktop,, from $1,699

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Smart Range


Say you want to bake pork chops at one temperature and chocolate cake at another. No problem with this dual temperature-control multitasker.

Double oven range,, $1,299

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Genius Range


Talk about style and substance. Check out the 15 fashionable finishes, including Cobalt Blue, Mint Julep, and Sea Glass, and features like six oven-rack positions, convection baking, "GourmetGlow" infrared broiler, and 15,000 BTU burners.

Viking Professional Custom Series gas range,, $6,600

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Smart Faucet


The high-arc spout on this model lets you fill and wash the biggest pots—plus a nifty pause button controls water flow when you step away from the sink.

Arbor faucet,, from $295

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Genius Faucet


When your hands are sticky or covered with flour, just press a button to switch the water flow from aerated to rinsing spray.

LadyLux3 Cafe faucet,, from $499

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Smart Refrigerator


Come party time, this energy-efficient side-by-side can stock two extra six-packs, and with "Fast Ice," there will be no more runs to the mini-mart for extra cubes.

Resource Saver refrigerator,, from $1,599

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Genius Refrigerator


Not one but two lightweight freezer drawers. Use the top one for everyday items like ice cream and frozen pizza and the other for long-term storage.

Four-door French door refrigerator,, from $2,699

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Smart Wall Oven


The sizzling combo of convection and steam modes can fast-cook the turkey (14 pounds in 90 minutes) and steam the asparagus. Forty pre-programmed settings for temperature and humidity levels make this oven as easy to use as a microwave.

Steam and convection wall oven,, from $3,299

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Genius Wall Oven


This oven, with a 4.3-inch full-color LCD preset display, lets you save the cooking modes of 12 of your go-to recipes. Slide the lasagna in, tap the screen, and walk away.

Double wall oven,, from $4,799

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Smart Dishwasher


This appliance will save you money on energy costs with the half-load cycle option, plus there's no need to prerinse. Adjustable racks make loading stemware easy.

DMT800 dishwasher,, $899

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Genius Dishwasher


Imagine a machine so quiet an "InfoLight" beams onto the floor to let you know it's running. And you gotta love the multifunction LCD display and bacteria-zapping sanitize option.

Originally published in the November 1, 2010, issue of Family Circle magazine.

800 Plus dishwasher,, $2,099