8 Easy Fall Makeovers

Give your home fall style in a flash with these simple swaps and easy accents.

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Set a Bold Fall Table


Shorter days, a nip in the air—it's a great time to change out your summery decor for a little bit of cozy fall. In fact, Motherboard Moms told us they'd do a bit more seasonal
redecorating if only they had the time or money. Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil (ONeilSisters.com) to the rescue: Their quick makeovers for every room of your house will have you embracing autumn in no time—starting with your tabletop.

Fall is a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n' roll when you set a rustic farm table with modern style. Die-cut leaf place mats in bold red let the beauty of the weathered wood shine through. And with cosmopolitan black-and-white plates and brushed-silver napkin rings, you can take Manhattan to the countryside. Hel-lo, fall flair!

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Smells Like Autumn!


Put the whole house in the mood with an aromatic candlescape inspired by the great outdoors. Have the family collect acorns, pinecones, and seedpods from the yard. Place these natural materials in mismatched Mason jars, then light them up with flameless candles in such scents as mulled cider, spiced orange, and chai latte. Autumn aromatherapy!

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Add Earthy Accessories


With a small space like the bathroom, changing seasons is all in the details. Guest towels in terra cotta and Turkish blue add a dash of warm color. Earthy accessories like a cast-iron twig dish topped with verbena-leaf soap will harmonize with your bath no matter what your decor.

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Welcome Fall at Your Front Door


Give fall an official welcome with a harvesty display on your front porch. Just load up an urn with a bundle of late summer sunflowers and wrap it in a bonny plaid ribbon. Complete the scene with a pile of painted pumpkins and a woodsy pinecone owl. What a hoot!

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Go Sumptuous


Swap out casual summery throw pillows for more dressy ones embellished with embroidery, gems, and sumptuous trims. Silky sari fabrics in spicy hues such as cinnamon, ginger, and clove lend an air of exotic elegance without being too formal or fussy.

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Get Back to Nature


Capture an autumn moment with a bouquet of branches. Gather sticks and give them a metallic patina with copper and silver spray paint, then tie on organdy ribbons to echo the last-to-fall leaves. Finish with feathery faux birds perched on the ends to look like a flock stopping over on its way south.

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Get Cozy in the Kitchen


Adding an appetizing autumn palette to the kitchen is as easy as pie! Go for dish towels and mixing bowls in colors like marigold, persimmon, and green apple. A red fluted pie plate with a recipe printed inside gives the look a vintage twist. Setting out your wooden spoons and cutting boards reveals them as handcrafted decorator pieces—that you already own!

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Blanket the Room with Texture


Starting to feel a chill in the air? Then snuggle up with a warm throw. Hunt for fabrics that fit the season as comfortably as a favorite sweater. Plush wovens and faux fur in espresso and teal will inspire you to curl up and get cozy.