18 Cool Must-Haves for Teen Rooms

Turn your kid's mayhem into a hip mecca for study, sleep, or just hanging out.

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Math Team


Tidy geometric bedside tables are proof that 2>1.

Nesting tables, $50, target.com

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Golden Oldie


An ode to cassettes and vinyl, this pillow rocks.

Analog Nights pillow, Aimee Wilder, $50, lnt.com

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Morning Rush


This cool combo lets them wake up—well, maybe—to their favorite song.

Dual alarm clock radio for iPhone/iPod, $80, ihomeaudio.com

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Album designer Cole Gerst's bedside lamp puts the fun in functional.

Birds & Bees shade with nickel base, $59, lampinabox.com

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New Order


Offer them an alternative to throwing everything on the floor.

Shouldah bins, $30 each, bungalowco.com

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Triple Play


Undoubtedly the room's MVP: it's an ottoman, side table, and extra seating.

Tiki stool, $69, puredesignonline.com

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Time After Time


Perched over a desk, this clock doubles as a blast of colorful modern art.

Ultra Flat clock, $32, uncommongoods.com

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Branch Out


With five bendy arms, this lamp's more flexible than curfew.

Your Zone High Five lamp, $29, walmart.com

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Tree Hugger


This plush wool crash pad looks just like knotty wood grain. It's the one time that copying is condoned.

Layered Faux Bois rug, Martha Stewart Living, from $97, homedecorators.com

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Rock 'n' Roll


The rocking chair's pod shape and boho-print cushion make it groovy, not granny.

Rockasan chair and base ($100), cushion ($80), Pier 1 stores

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Song Bird


Try some witty thematic decor for the teen who tweets a lot.

Aluminum birds, $15 each, Home Goods stores

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Age of Aquarium


Give a fish some prime real estate with a sleek modernist home.

Fishhotel, $27, umbra.com

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Conversation Piece


Think of this magnetic whiteboard as an old-school Facebook wall.

Talk bulletin board, Umbra, $22, organize.com

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Desk Set


Bring some peace to schoolwork stress with a comfy desk chair.

Berkeley Peace Airgo chair, $179, pbteen.com

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Snap Happy


Thirty-six clips for photos give new meaning to hanging with friends.

Fotofalls mobile, Umbra, $21.50, amazon.com

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Study Station


An awesome desk for under $100 gets a gold star in (family) economics.

Micke desk, $70, Ikea stores

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Half-Pipe Pix


Each of these flash drives can hold 1,000 images or MP3s. Rad.

Snowdrive 4GB USB drives, $14 each, Target stores

Originally published in the September 2010 issue of Family Circle magazine.

This piece was accurate at publication time, but all prices, offerings, and styles are subject to change.