10 Brilliant Summertime Essentials

Fun, colorful products to make those long, sunny days even brighter.

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Night Lights


Place them throughout your yard to create a wonderland effect once the sun goes down.

LED lanterns in blue floral, green wave and red windowpane designs, from $13, target.com

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Keep Cool


Pile up the ice and toss in your favorite beverages.

Oval beverage tub, $15; stand, $10; target.com

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Drink Up


Keep your fresh-squeezed lemonade cool in a serving and chilling pitcher.

Flash Chill Lemonade Maker, $30, brookstone.com

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Perfect for the beach or the backyard, this umbrella offers UPF 50+ sun protection.

Deluxe Beach Umbrella, $48, amazon.com

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Ice Ice Baby


Channel your youth and crank out old-school chilly treats!

Victorio Snow Cone Maker/Ice Shaver, from $13, cookware.com

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Sugary Goodness


Nothing says "amusement park on a warm day" like cotton candy.

Vintage Countertop Cotton-Candy Maker, $41, amazon.com

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Easy Breezy


Catch a few zzz's on a hand-woven hammock.

Cool lagoon hammock, $68, O.co

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Let the Air In


Ditch the A/C for a day and save let an energy-saving fan keep you cool.

Deco Breeze Colored Retro Metal Box Fan, $50, amazon.com

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Listen Up


Enjoy your favorite tunes from Pandora and 20,000 stations from around the world. Built-in Wi-Fi connects to your home network—no computer needed.

Livio Radio, $200, livioradio.com

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This adult trike will keep you moving with the kids, all summer long.

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Schwinn Meridian, $260, walmart.com