Circle of Excellence 2010: Best Food Products

Our Circle of Excellence awards go to products that wowed us editors and you. We sent samples to readers throughout the country to test. Only items that earned across-the-board raves made the final cut.

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Fage Total Yogurt


"I enjoyed sampling a different kind of yogurt than my usual. Creamy, refreshing, and tasty!"
—Lisa, Altoona, Pennsylvania

Fage Total Yogurt, for store locations

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Flatout Flatbread


"Truly good, and they didn't break when I folded them like so many other tortillas do."
—Erika, Inwood, West Virginia

Flatout Flatbread, $3, for store locations

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Barilla Plus Farfalle


"Tasted exactly like regular Barilla but it's healthier, and the texture was perfect."
—Amy, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Barilla Plus Farfalle, $2.50, for store locations

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Fiber One Chewy Bars


"When you hear something has extra fiber, you think it's going to be like cardboard. But these bars were extremely delicious. Everyone who tried one was surprised!"
—Nikki, Sammamish, Washington

Fiber One Chewy Bars, $3.50,

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Starbucks Via


"The flavor is not like any other instant I have ever had. I made hot steaming coffee to go and even a refreshing iced latte. Would definitely buy these little packets of heaven!"
—Renee, Belen, New Mexico

Starbucks Via, $3, for store locations

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The Skinny Cow Low-Fat Ice Cream Sandwiches


"My husband and I both loved the Skinny Cow treats and will definitely buy them again. They taste terrific, and low-cal is what we need!"

—Linda, Green Cove Springs, Florida

The Skinny Cow Low-Fat Ice Cream Sandwiches, from $5.50, available at most major supermarkets

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Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crusts


"The dough is very easy to work with, and taste-wise it's as close to homemade as you can get. Affordable too."

—Julie, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crusts, $3, available at most major supermarkets

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Arnold Select Sandwich Thins


"Out-of-this-world great. Used these low-cal bread rounds for burgers and small pizzas. Fantastic both ways."

—Mary, Cuba, Illinois

Arnold Select Sandwich Thins, $3.20, available at most major supermarkets

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Al Fresco All-Natural Chicken Sausage


"Outstanding! Even the kids loved them. Healthy, quality-made, and delicious."

—Andrea, Gales Ferry, Connecticut

Al Fresco All-Natural Chicken Sausage, $5.50, available at most major supermarkets

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Mazola Pure Cooking Spray


"I usually buy the store brand, but this Mazola product sprayed much more evenly."

—Heidi, San Bruno, California

Mazola Pure Cooking Spray, $3, available at most major supermarkets

Originally published in the April 17, 2010, issue of Family Circle magazine.