A Fun Handwriting Contest

This back-to-school season, let's not let handwriting become a lost art!

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We're officially in the midst of back-to-school season, which reminds many of us how we used to love practicing handwriting skills and picking out new notebooks, pencils and pens. One of the coolest things about handwriting is that it's different from person to person. We all learn our ABC's and how to transcribe them, but we form letters differently—some people's penmanship is narrow while other people's is wide, some curvy and some straight. As long as it's legible, there's really no right or wrong way.

One thing that's a little scary about how digital our world has become is losing the art of the handwritten assignment and note. Over here, we're all about creativity, handwritten thank-yous and improving fine motor skills, so we wanted to call attention to a fun campaign our friends at BIC are working on called "Fight For Your Write." As part of the campaign, they're running a "Principal For A Day" Promotion. For a shot at a $10,000 scholarship, all your child has to do is write, in 75 words or less, what he or she would do if principal for the day. That's right—responses must be handwritten (then photographed and uploaded), and we love that. Details are here. Entering is a great way to get your kids back into the groove of thinking and writing, so just make sure you do so by end of day today, August 15, 2016.