Organize Your Craft Supplies

Put all your project necessities in easy-to-find places so they'll be on hand whenever the creative impulse strikes.

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Finds for Taming Clutter


Paper Place

Tidy up loose piles of scrapbooking materials with colorful, flat organizers.

Synchronicity Stockholm flat file, $9,

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Sneak Peek


Keep an eye on your bead reserves with clear containers.

Plastic storage jars, $12,

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Name Game


A sticker-maker lets you customize labels with photos, drawings and text.

1.5-inch Safari Create-a-Sticker, $12,

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Single File


Tuck ideas and inspirations into a small binder.

Black-and-white mini binder, $16,

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Hot Wheels


Supplies are always within reach with this rolling cart.

Cropper Hopper Home Center rolling cart, $80,

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In a Spin


Try a lazy Susan-like device to hold up to 18 decorative-edge scissors.

Originally published in the November 1, 2010, issue of Family Circle magazine.

Rotating wood scissors organizer, $35,