Organize Your Mudroom

Revamp an entryway and create a colorful space to drop off everything from backpacks to boots.

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Read on for the best tips on clearing mudroom clutter


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Get Happy


A few eye-catching ideas for getting organized.

Go Bright
In a functional place like a hallway or laundry room strong shades are a must. Choose sunny yellows, vibrant blues, crisp greens or an exuberant orange to light up and enhance the space.

Be Bold
Standard-issue basics like calendars, message boards and storage containers are much more stylish when they are in a striking pattern or brilliant tint. Think of bins and key holders as accents in your decorating scheme.

Try a New Hue
You don't have to paint all surfaces the same shade. Loecke delineated areas by bathing the stairwell in a crisp gray to provide a nice contrast for the saturated lime green walls. He kept stair railings, window moldings, stripes in the bulletin boards, and the bench all the same shade of cream for continuity and as an accent.

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Hot Seat


A perch defines the area and provides a place to sit while pulling off shoes. Loecke built this supremely functional version himself, but similar ready-made pieces, complete with nooks and cushion, are available in stores or online.

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Tray Chic


Storing shoes this way reaps two benefits. First, boots and sneakers are contained rather than scattered about. Even better, mud and water stay on the tray, making cleanup a snap.

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In lieu of one giant cluttered bulletin board, each family member gets a personalized place for tacking up notes, tickets, messages—whatever is needed to stay on top of things. Add a calendar to track family activities and another board for group invites, photos and memos. Label everyone's keys and hang on a pegboard in the same area.

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A Different Stripe


Painting bold blue, green and yellow stripes on the floor and up the stairs instantly gave this utilitarian space a cheerful vibe. Plus, floor paint makes mopping an entryway easy. Indoor-outdoor rugs, another option, are also simple to wipe clean or hose off.

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Search Party


A pretty stretch of decorative molding from Home Depot paired with vintage knobs is all it takes to provide a place for hanging jackets, bags, and umbrellas. Customize the look by painting the molding in a color that contrasts with walls and selecting cool knobs that reflect your style, whether retro glass, like these, or more streamlined metal versions.

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Contain Yourself


Bins are ideal for holding all those day-to-day items like scarves and baseball hats that would otherwise end up strewn throughout the house. Organize them by item or family member. For colorful labels, find cardboard scrapbook letters at a craft store and affix with wood glue.