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Tips From An Expert


When it's time to fix a wobbly table or tighten a loose knob, tracking down the right screwdriver can be frustrating. Norma Vally, author of Bathroom Fix-Ups, says having the essentials in place is key to effortless home repairs.

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Getting The Hang Of It


Install pegboard (available at hardware stores) on the wall for hanging supplies like paintbrushes, ladders or hand brooms.

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A Place For Everything


Place items that are rarely used—drop cloths, power tools—on a high shelf.

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Screw the caps of old glass jars to the bottom of a shelf for instant recycled storage. Stow nails, nuts or bolts in each and label accordingly.

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Birds Of A Feather


Group like objects in one spot. For example, keep paint supplies in one container, twine and tape in another.

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Ditch Or Donate


Pare down by checking out the condition of your tools. Rusted? Cracked handle? Toss them. And if you have multiples of the same one, donate.

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How Low Can You Go?


Never stock heavy or bulky products like paint gallons up high. Put away within reach on a low shelf, where they'll be easier to lift.

Smart Idea: If you have a quarter of a gallon or less of leftover paint, pour it into a glass jar so it stays fresh longer. Label it by room and color.

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Make Space For Projects


Invest in a workbench for frequently used belongings, such as hammers or safety goggles. Keep the surface clean for spontaneous projects.

Originally published in the August 2009 issue of Family Circle magazine.

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Organizing Your Home

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