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Less mess = less stress with these decluttering tips from Pinterest.

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Shelf Help

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Perfect for displaying books, photos and other knick-knacks, shelving units are the ultimate in living room organization. They look best when there’s a little bit of breathing room between objects plus a few pieces of closed storage—lidded baskets, boxes—to hide unsightly items. If a built-in is beyond your budget, upgrade an Ikea bookcase, as Angela Mondloch of the blog Saffron Avenue did here by adding trim and molding.

A big coffee table can seem like an open invitation to leave stuff lying around. Solution: Use a tray to corral coasters and remotes.

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Double Duty

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Lazy Susans aren’t just for kitchen cupboards. Try one in a bedroom for easy access to frequently used perfumes, lotions and nail polish bottles. Tiered models provide extra space for things like jewelry too, so you can keep your nightstand visually clear.

If you always stash your everyday rings and baubles in the same spot, such as a pretty dish or bowl, you’re less likely to lose them.

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Mane Event

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Even in big bathrooms, storing toiletries and styling products is often an issue. If you lack cabinet space, consider dedicating part of a dresser or bureau to hair care essentials. Repurpose a wine rack as an organizer for sprays, dry shampoos and mousses. Magazine files make excellent hair tool keepers—they can even camouflage messy, tangled cords.

Most standing magazine files are made out of card stock or plastic, so be sure straighteners and curling irons have cooled completely before stowing them.

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Off the Charts

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An oversize calendar makes tracking everyone’s schedule a breeze. Hang or place yours in a centralized spot that’s accessible to the entire family so events, appointments and reminders can be added as they come up. Plus, conflicts are easy to see right away. Paper is one option, but Pinterest favorite and blogger Jen Woodhouse of The House of Wood created a DIY acrylic version that works like a dry-erase board. She used a sheet of acrylic, applied vinyl decals for the day and month labels, then mounted it directly on a wall.

White lettering pops on a dark background, but select a bold, deeper-colored font for light walls. 

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Roll with It

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Thank Samantha Pregenzer of the blog Simply Organized for this genius hack. Instead of hanging on to bulky garbage bag boxes, place individual rolls on dowels and suspend them from curtain rod brackets mounted on the inside of a cabinet door. This smart set-up lets you get more mileage out of your under-sink cabinet. Plus, it’s easier to grab bags. 

Use two sets of brackets so you can store kitchen and oversize black trash bags separately.

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Spin Cycle

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Don’t let desk clutter slow down your productivity. A spice carousel is a genius solution for office supplies. The bottles are the perfect size for paper clips, thumbtacks, pushpins and other odds and ends. Set one in a spot where it can spin freely so you can find items quickly.

The portability of a spice carousel comes in especially handy when you’re tackling jobs in multiple rooms. 

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Contain Yourself

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Clear glass jars put dry ingredients on display and at the ready. Look for options with airtight lids to keep pasta, flour, sugar and other staples fresh. Top-shelve fancy dishes and serving pieces, and place everyday essentials on easy-to-reach lower shelves. Instead of leaving small appliances on your counters, stash a few you use regularly but not daily, like a slow cooker, in the pantry if you have the space.

Steer clear of stashing non-food items in your pantry. Exceptions: trash cans and recycling bins.

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Sorting Tactics: A Couple of Handy Items

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Bigso Stockholm Magazine File in Hexagold,, $10

Paper Source Silver Foil on Paper Bag Grid Calendar,, $25

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Sorting Tactics: More Handy Items

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Ball Wide Mouth 24 oz. Glass Mason Jars with Lids and Bands,, $13.50/set of 9

Double Stainless Steel Turntable,, $25

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Sorting Tactics: Even More Handy Items

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Kamenstein Stainless Steel 20-Jar Filled Revolving Spice Rack Tower,, $45

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