Mother-Daughter Model Search 2007: Behind the Scenes

See behind-the-scenes photos from 2007's Family Circle/Wilhelmina Model Mother-Daughter photo shoot.

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Lights! Camera! Model!


...and oh yeah, have lots of fun! That's how it was for the first annual 2007 Family Circle/Wilhelmina Model Mother-Daughter Search. It was an amazing event from start to finish where moms and daughters from all over the country entered to win this unique model contest that celebrates the special bond between moms and daughters. Here we show candid moments from the three very exceptional days our top-model finalists spent with us in New York for the photo shoot and final judging.

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Sharing a Laugh


All of the finalists truly enjoyed getting to know one another while in New York City for the final judging and photo shoot. Here Annmarie, Victoria, and Morghann share a laugh behind the scenes.

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First Photo Shoot


Catina and Shelby show their close bond and glam looks as they model together for the first time.

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A Winning Interview


Adriana and Alexandria share their excitement about being finalists of the 2007 Family Circle/Wilhelmina Model Mother Daughter Search with anchor, Audra Lowe. Ultimately, this dynamic duo was chosen as our winning team!

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Tamra's tresses get a party-perfect curl that she do we, it has the perfect full-body bounce.

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Catching Some Zzz's


It's a big day of primping and posing at the shoot, so Alexandria got a little rest before she and her mother Adriana met with the judges.

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Model Meeting


While waiting for their turn in front of the camera and judging panel, Stephanie and Shelby got to know one another at the photo studio.

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Sitting Pretty


A little blush completes Annmarie's glam holiday look.

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Pose Perfect


Simone — who was six months pregnant at the time of the shoot — and Stephanie flashed their gorgeous smiles for photographer Karen Pearson.

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Model Makeover


Tamra enjoys the real-life model experience, especially the professional hair and makeup.

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Smile Girls!


Shelby, Morghann, Victoria, and Stephanie celebrate being finalists of the 2007 Family Circle/Wilhelmina Model Mother Daughter Search at the awards reception held in midtown New York City.

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Mother-Daughter Duo


Shelby, a Bronx native, and Catina enjoyed their trip to New York City. Here they relax at the awards reception, after the final judging.

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