Asian Pork Wraps

Asian Pork Wraps
Prep 15 m
Cook 12 m
Slow Cook on HIGH for 41/2 hours or LOW for 6 hours
Microwave 30 seconds


Pork Wraps




  1. 1 of 3 In a small bowl, combine onion powder, ginger, sugar, cumin, allspice, cayenne pepper and salt. Rub pork with sesame oil, then rub spice mixture into pork.
  2. 2 of 3 Heat canola oil in a large stainless steel skillet over medium-high heat. Brown pork on all sides, about 3 minutes per side. Transfer to slow cooker. Whisk 1/4 cup of the hoisin sauce with 1 cup water. Pour around pork in slow cooker. Cover and slow cook on HIGH for 41/2 hours or LOW for 6 hours.
  3. 3 of 3 Remove pork to a large bowl. Shred with 2 forks into large pieces and toss with remaining 1/2 cup hoisin sauce.


  1. 1 of 2 In a large bowl, combine rice vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper. Whisk in canola oil and sesame oil. Toss with coleslaw mix.
  2. 2 of 2 To serve, microwave tortillas for 30 seconds or until heated through. Spread each tortilla with a little additional hoisin sauce, if desired. Top with slaw and shredded pork. Fold up and serve.
Nutrition Information for Asian Pork Wraps
Servings Per Recipe:
Per Serving: 31 g pro., 737 mg sodium, 4 g fiber, 20 g Fat, total, 70 mg chol., 4 g sat. fat, 39 g carb., 443 kcal cal.