• Heat oven to 375°. Add oil to a large oven-safe stainless skillet and heat over medium-high heat. Add still-frozen chicken breasts with tongs (oil may spatter), cover with foil and cook 3 minutes. Uncover and sprinkle with half the salt and pepper. Flip chicken with a spatula and sprinkle with remaining salt and pepper. Cover and cook 2 minutes.

  • Add broth to same skillet. Cover tightly with foil and bake at 375°.

  • After 20 minutes of baking, spoon bottled barbecue sauce over chicken breasts; return pan to oven and continue to cook 5 minutes more or until 165°. Carefully remove pan from oven and increase heat to broil. Broil 3 minutes, until sauce is bubbly. Serve with sweet potato fries, additional barbecue sauce on the side and Rainbow Slaw.

Nutrition Facts

434 calories; 17 g total fat; 3 g saturated fat; 96 mg cholesterol; 810 mg sodium. 35 g carbohydrates; 2 g fiber; 34 g protein;