• Heat 1 tablespoon oil in nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add onion; sauté 3 minutes or until slightly softened. Stir in garlic and ground beef, breaking up meat with wooden spoon; cook 6 minutes more or until beef is no longer pink. Carefully drain off excess liquid.

  • Stir in zucchini, chili powder, cumin and salsa. Simmer, partially covered, for 10 minutes or until zucchini is almost tender. Stir in corn; cook for 2 minutes or until heated through. Keep warm.

  • Meanwhile, brush tortillas on both sides with 1 tablespoon oil. Place 1 tortilla over inverted bowl with 4-inch-wide base. Place foil on top of tortilla; press down on foil to conform to shape of bowl. Remove foil with tortilla and place on baking sheet. Repeat with remaining tortillas and more foil.

  • Bake in 400 degree F oven for 8 to 10 minutes or until crisped and golden. To serve, spoon chili in tortilla bowls.