Baked Choco-Cinnamon Masks

Prep 15 m
Chill 120 m
Bake 10 - 12 m



Icing and decorations:



  1. 1 of 3 Whisk flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, cinnamon and salt together in small bowl.
  2. 2 of 3 Beat butter and sugar in large bowl. Beat in egg and vanilla. Stir in flour mixture. Shape into disk; wrap in plastic and refrigerate 2 hours or overnight.
  3. 3 of 3 Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Line two baking sheets with nonstick foil. Roll out dough on lightly floured surface to 3/8-inch thickness. Cut into shapes with mask cookie cutters. Cut out eyes with sharp knife or cookie cutter; reroll scraps. Place on prepared sheets. Bake at 350 degrees F for 10 to 12 minutes or until dry to the touch. Cool on pans 3 minutes, then move directly to racks. Cool completely.


  1. 1 of 1 Mix sugar, egg whites and a scant 1/2 cup water in a large bowl. Beat 5 minutes until very smooth. Spread onto cookie; top with colored sugar. Let dry; add a second coat of icing and a different colored sugar. Finish with stripes or dots.
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