Berry Semifreddo

Berry Semifreddo
Thanks to frozen berries, you can make this easy dessert year round. It celebrates the luscious combination of berries and cream.
Makes 8
Prep 20 m
Freeze 120 m



  1. 1 of 3 Pour strawberries with their syrup into food processor or blender. Whirl until smooth puree. Transfer to large bowl. Add raspberries with their syrup to food processor. Whirl until smooth puree. Push raspberry puree through fine-mesh sieve into strawberry mixture; discard seeds. Add vanilla.
  2. 2 of 3 Beat cream in medium-size bowl until foamy. Gradually beat in honey until soft peaks form. Gently fold into berry mixture. Pour into 8 unlined 4-ounce ramekins. Cover with plastic wrap. Freeze at least 2 hours.
  3. 3 of 3 Remove from freezer 15 minutes before serving, to soften.
Nutrition Information for Berry Semifreddo
Servings Per Recipe: 8
Per Serving: 177 kcal cal., 1 g pro., 11 g Fat, total, 18 g carb., 7 g sat. fat, 41 mg chol., 32 mg sodium, 1 g fiber