Honey-Baked Wonton Napoleons

Honey-Baked Wonton Napoleons
Stack honey-glazed wonton wrappers with sweetened cream cheese, blueberries, and strawberries to make this incredible dessert in less than 30 minutes.
Makes 8
Prep 15 m
Bake 7 m






  1. 1 of 1 Heat oven to 400 degrees F Line 2 baking sheets with nonstick aluminum foil, or line the baking sheets with regular aluminum foil coated with nonstick cooking spray.


  1. 1 of 2 In microwave-safe bowl, microwave honey at 100 percent power to liquefy, 20 to 30 seconds. Brush one side of each wonton with honey. Place wontons, honey side up, on prepared sheets.
  2. 2 of 2 Bake in 400 degrees F oven until nicely browned, 7 minutes. Transfer wontons to wire rack; let cool completely.


  1. 1 of 1 In bowl, beat cream cheese, honey, vanilla until smooth.

To assemble:

  1. 1 of 1 Place 1 wonton on serving dish; spread with 1 tablespoon filling. Top with sliced berries. Place second wonton on top; spread with 1 tablespoon filling. Top with blueberries. Top with third wonton. Garnish with sliced strawberries and blueberries. Repeat with remaining ingredients for a total of 8 napoleons.
Nutrition Information for Honey-Baked Wonton Napoleons
Servings Per Recipe: 8
Per Serving: 2 g fiber, 9 g Fat, total, 36 g carb., 6 g sat. fat, 34 mg chol., 250 mg sodium, 5 g pro., 241 kcal cal.