"Not Too Sweet" Dutch Oven Baked Beans

"Not Too Sweet" Dutch Oven Baked Beans
Prep 20 m
Cook 15 m
Slow Cook 540 m
Soak overnight
Slow Cook on LOW



  1. 1 of 2 In a large Dutch oven, cook bacon over medium-high heat until crisp, about 7 minutes, stirring frequently. Add onion and 1/4 tsp of the salt; cook, stirring occasionally, 5 to 7 minutes, until onion is soft. Add garlic and cook 1 minute, stirring so it doesn't brown.
  2. 2 of 2 Add beans, ketchup, brown sugar, Worcestershire, Dijon mustard, dry mustard, chili powder, cumin, pepper, remaining 1/4 tsp salt and enough water to just cover beans. Stir to combine and bring to a simmer. Carefully transfer to a 6-quart slow cooker and cook on LOW for 8 to 9 hours, until beans are tender. Taste and adjust seasonings before serving.
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