• Pat dry lamb. Let stand at room temperature for 45 minutes.

  • Heat oven to 400°.

  • Roll lamb tightly and secure with butcher's twine. Place on a baking sheet fitted with a wire rack. Brush outside of lamb with olive oil.

  • Rub 1 tbsp brown sugar on inside of lamb (butterflied side). In a bowl, combine 1 tbsp brown sugar with the other rub ingredients. Rub half on inside of lamb and half on outside.

  • Roast at 400° for 1 hour, 15 minutes to 1 hour, 30 minutes, until temperature reaches 130° with an instant-read thermometer. Let rest 10 minutes (temperature will increase to 135°, medium-rare). Slice and serve.

Nutrition Facts

230 calories; 9 g total fat; 4 g carbohydrates; 0 g fiber; 30 g protein;