light fettuccine alfredo with shrimp

light fettuccine alfredo with shrimp
This low-fat pasta recipe calls for tossed shrimp with fettuccine and a creamy Alfredo sauce made with fat-free half-and-half.
Makes 6
Prep 10 m
Cook 6 m
Cook 30 seconds



  1. 1 of 4 Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to boil over high heat. Prepare pasta following package directions, stirring frequently. Drain.
  2. 2 of 4 Meanwhile, mix 1/4 cup of the half-and-half with the cornstarch; stir well and set aside. In a medium-size saucepan, add the remaining 1-3/4 cups half-and-half and place over medium-high heat. Stir in 1/2 teaspoon of the garlic salt and the nutmeg. Bring to a simmer and stir in the cornstarch mixture; cook for 30 seconds or until slightly thickened.
  3. 3 of 4 Take sauce off heat and whisk in the cheese and the mustard until smooth. Stir in the peas. Keep warm.
  4. 4 of 4 Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add shrimp and remaining 1/4 teaspoon garlic salt; cook for 3 minutes per side until cooked through. Stir cream sauce into skillet with shrimp; add pasta and toss to coat. Serve immediately with additional cheese. Garnish with basil, if desired.
Nutrition Information for light fettuccine alfredo with shrimp
Servings Per Recipe: 6
Per Serving: 31 g pro., 56 g carb., 445 kcal cal., 2 g sat. fat, 10 g Fat, total, 170 mg chol., 3 g fiber, 733 mg sodium