• In large bowl, combine pork, mayonnaise, oregano, salt, pepper, thyme, onion powder and paprika. Form into 8 burgers.

  • Cut Manchego into pieces about 1 inch square and 1/4 inch thick. Make an indentation in each burger and insert a piece of cheese into it. Close meat around cheese and flatten burger.

  • Heat a gas grill to medium-high or the coals in a charcoal grill to medium-hot. Lightly grease grates. Grill burgers about 5 minutes per side, until internal temperature reaches 160°.

  • Place burgers on rolls and top each with 1 tbsp of the onions. Add slices of hot cherry peppers and additional mayonnaise, if desired.

Nutrition Facts

621 calories; 36 g total fat; 135 mg cholesterol; 888 mg sodium. 41 g carbohydrates; 30 g protein;